I joined the University of Sheffield in September 2017 having previously worked at Coventry University and the University of Manchester. 


My research focuses on foreign conflict reporting, and the interaction of media and NGOs (non-governmental organisations) in conflict-affected zones.


My book "European Foreign Conflict Reporting. A comparative Analysis of Public News Providers" was published by Routledge in 2017.  


I was awarded my PhD in Russian Studies from Manchester University in July 2014 during which time I also taught undergraduate and postgraduate students. The title of my thesis is “Foreign Conflict Reporting Post-9/11 and Post-Cold War: A Comparative Analysis of European Television News Coverage of the Middle East Conflict”. This examined French, UK and Russian foreign conflict reporting of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The thesis was supervised by Professor Stephen Hutchings, Professor Mona Baker and Dr Joseph McGonagle.


I was also gained my Masters Degree (Russian Studies) from Manchester Unversity where I was awarded a distinction. My dissertion investigated the Russian op-ed and was entitled '“US” versus“THEM”: Textual Analysis of the Techniques and Practices used by ODNAKO 2008-2010'.


My undergraduate degree was in Interpreting and Translating from Heriot-Watt University (Russian and French). I used the knowledge gained from these studies in Edinburgh to set up my own freelance interpreting and translating business which I ran for a couple of decades until my return to academia. I specialised in technical, commercial, nuclear and mechanical engineering – and had great fun interpreting for my football team Manchester United in many of their international triumphs!